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Hot Weather Beauty Tricks to Remember

Summer is the season where you get to have fun outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather whenever you have the chance. Still, spending lots of time in this hot weather can put a damper on your beauty routine. To prevent that from happening, we’ve listed down five of the best hot weather beauty tricks that’ll surely give you the summer glow that you want.

It's my favorite place!

  1. Thin Out Your Foundation. Wearing a thick layer of foundation in a sweltering hot weather is probably the last thing you’d want to do. Instead, create your own version of tinted moisturizer and customize its coverage by mixing few drops of your favourite foundation or sunscreen. With this, you still get to even out your complexion without wearing a heavy foundation.
  1. Lighten Your Shadow Shade With Arrowroot Powder. Unlike winter and fall, summer calls for the use of lighter colours and more transparent coverage. If you’re current shadow palette is too dark, try lightening them up using a bit of arrowroot powder. Simply scoop a good amount of your shadow and mix arrowroot powder into it until it reaches your desired shade. You can also apply this trick to your powder blush.
  1. Use Dry Shampoo at Night. Dry shampoo is every girl’s best friend all-year round, but during hot weathers, it would be best to avoid applying it every morning. Instead, spritz it all over your roots at night to allow the product to absorb sweat and oil overnight. That way, you’ll wake up to lovelier locks every morning.


  1. Remove Self-Tanning Stains with Baking Soda. Although it’s the best way to get tan without being exposed to the sun, using self-tanners also means that you’ll encounter some mistakes. To deal with overly bronzed patches on your skin, simply mix baking soda and a few drops of water to create a paste. Once you’re done, apply the mixture on the area where you need to even out your tanner.
  1. Freeze Aloe Vera to Treat Sunburns. As much as you try to prevent sunburns from occurring, there will just be days when you’ll miss a spot. A good cure? Aloe Vera. An even better cure? Chilled aloe Vera gels. To create it, just fill up your ice cube tray with the aloe gels and keep it in your freezer throughout the summer season. Its coolness will surely give you some extra relief, while soothing your ailing skin.

With these hot weather beauty hacks, looking your best during summer time is already possible. So keep these things in mind to ensure that you’ll get the summer glow that you want.


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