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Experience the New Level of Flying

Looking for an unforgettable and a remarkable experience while in the air? Singapore is one place you can go. For aerial thrill seekers, discover a whole new world of flying experience. There’s no reason to be bored in the city because of this flying experience here. Having the height of equivalent to 5 stories building (17.22 meters) and 5.02 meters in diameter, you can experience a fantastic skydiving glide with no obstructions like airplanes and bad weather.


iFly Singapore is the world’s first and largest indoor skydiving area. Everyone can do skydiving here. Children must be accompanied by their parents; however, there are skydiving experts that are willing to help children. Approximately, there are 11 expert skydivers who will aid you on the area.


These skydivers are properly trained and complied with the requirement of the Body flight Association. On the other hand, first timers are guided by professional skydivers so that they can enjoy the activities. For seniors, they can also have fun with it as long as they don’t suffer from any ailment. This modern technology that has been created guarantees safety to all people who wants to be fulfilled.

Talking about its modernity, it has a wind tunnel that measures 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall that is enough to put a person up to the top. Its safe wind tunnel will enable you to move freely on the skydivers’ area which is fun. Apart from the wind blowing experience, you can also see wonderful scenery like Siloso Beach.



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