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How to be More Confident About Your Writing

Confidence is something that really differentiates the strong from the weak. Without displaying confidence, your writings tend to fall into an unappealing category of soft influence. Confidence changes a lot of things. From the way you stand to the way you talk, there are a lot of ways where you can display confidence. Now how about writing? Is it really that hard to show confidence in your writing? Well, definitely not!

Here are a few ways to show confidence with your writing:

1. Do not over-sell. Sometimes when you aren’t that confident with what you have, you tend to over-sell instead of letting your writing speak for itself. Over-selling can be annoying sometimes and when you’ve already convinced someone, additional information might just turn them off or make them lose interest because of the information overload.

2. Mention references. Do your research! Never go to battle empty handed. Without sufficient research, you’ll end up clueless when it comes to defending your writing plus your writing wouldn’t be that solid. Leave no room for error. Cover your weak spots by offering an explanation or a reference to save you from receiving heat for that specific section of your writing.

3. Keep it simple. Yup, sometimes you don’t need to over-complicate things. Some people tend to make something seem complicated for others to look at their writings as intelligent but it is definitely useless because not that many people can understand them. Simplify your work but also don’t over-simplify. Paint colorful pictures without soaking the whole canvas in massive layers of paint.

4. Use words carefully. Take note, we didn’t say strong, we said perfect. There are so many different levels to elaborate the world talk for example, you can blurt, you can shout, or you can whisper. Make sure to use the right vocabulary to be able to perfectly elaborate your work. Paying attention to grammar and vocabulary is definitely important.

5. Leave room for criticism. Criticism is very important. Besides, you can’t be right everytime. In fact, strength is not found in being perfect, it is found in how you handle criticism. Allow people to criticize you but this doesn’t mean you should allow people to step on top of you. There is a huge difference between the two.

Some people prefer reading writings which were written with confidence which is why it would be a huge problem if you have an important topic but aren’t able to elaborate it properly or with confidence. Sadly, content nowadays isn’t the only thing that is important, there is also presentation. You have to learn how to present a certain idea with confidence and strength instead of weakness an insecurity. Be a confident writer and see how your writings get noticed.