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IFA’s Gadgets of the Future

If we want to see the gadgets of the future before anyone else, we have to join the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), the biggest consumer electronics trade fair in the world. Every year, Berlin welcomes companies with vision.


The fair happens every September. If we want to take part of the future and see the gadgets personally, we have to leave Singapore – for a short time and join the trade fair. If we missed this year’s fair, there will always be next. Anyways, the trade fair shows different gadgets that set it apart from others.

Here are some gadgets featured in the fair:

  • Panasonic surround sound rug prototype: Ever wonder what it feels like when our rug comes to life? Panasonic thought of reinventing all surround sound system by putting speakers in the four corners of the rug. There is a chair at the centre of the rug that lets viewer to get the best audio in the world. It is a just a concept though.
  • Philips AmbiLux: If we want a wider screen, we have to consider Philips AmbiLux. The projector boasts of LED effect which can complement with the light and the wall.


  • Acer Predator 6: For gamers out there, Acer revealed their powerful smartphone which boasts of deca-core processor. The screen is six inches wide along with 21MP camera.


  • Moto 360 Collection: Motorola revealed their smartwatch which is one of a kind – the customer can customize their own design. The customers can design their own smartwatch starting from wrist straps and finishes.

The future looks promising. Here’s to the future and beyond!


Gadgets Featured in IFA 2015  

September is the month where techs around the world gather in Berlin to showcase their latest innovations. This is known as IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) – an annual event. As of 2013, IFA is considered the largest consumer electronics trade fair.


Here are some gadgets featured in the event:

  • Huawei Watch: Huawei is making a name for itself these days. The company introduced smartwatch which boasts of OLED Sapphire display. The watch features two days of battery life together with the ‘most advanced heart rate tracker in the world’.
  • Huawei Mate S: Huawei’s flagship product is smartphones. This is China’s attempt to take over iPhones. The smartphone is pressure sensitive.
  • Technics Turntable: In 2014, Panasonic revived the hi-fi brand called Technics. This year, Technics feature modern turntable.


  • Panasonic CZ950 4K LED TV: Panasonic led the way in TV innovation. Their CZ950 4K LED TV proved that. In fact, they are the first in the world certified in 4k by THX – a movie audio visual expert. The company also commissioned the help of the famous movie colorist Mike Sowa to help them build this one of a kind LED TV. Oh, did we mention it is about 65 inches?
  • Sphero BB-8: In preparation for the release of the futuristic Star Wars VII, Sphero also revealed their remote-controlled version of ‘rolling’. The robot is about 10cm tall and can be controlled with the use of a smartphone application. It also features ‘virtual holograms’. Welcome to the future!

These are just some of the gadgets, there are hundreds more. Next year, if we want to personally see the innovations before it is officially introduced in the market, we will have to leave Singapore and visit Berlin. It will be a great experience.


VoIP Service Plan Structures

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service plan is a package that VoIP Singapore providers offer to meet the needs and budget of various clients. Service plans vary from one provider to another, so a plan for one company is different from those for another company. If you’ve looked into the plans of popular providers, you might have noticed that most of them offer four basic service plan structures.


Unlimited Calls

This type of plan allows you to call anyone and stay on the line as long as you want without affecting your monthly fee, which often comes in fixed rate for this service plan. However, most of the time, this call plan limits the geographical area where you can call for uncertain lengths of time. For example, some VoIP Singapore providers allow you to make unlimited calls over Singapore area only, while those who want to make overseas calls like the ones by most providers like crystal voice in Singapore will be required to pay a per-minute rate.
Another tricky unlimited call offer is the one that does not include mobile phone calls. Some providers would advertise an “unlimited” offer without mentioning that the offer is limited to telephone calls only. So, be sure to ask first before getting excited to sealing your VoIP service deal.

Predefined Usage

This service plan allows users to make calls and stay on the line for a certain number of minutes per month. The amount of time, which usually ranges from 500 to 1000 minutes per month, depends on what you have agreed with your VoIP provider. Once you have fully consumed your predefined package, all calls beyond it will be charged with per-minute fee and will be added to your predefined package’s monthly fee.


Limited Unlimited

This service plan structure allows you to make unlimited calls to anyone with the same network or a subscriber of the same service; but calls to other number are charged with per-minute rate. The overall total of per-minute fee consumed in a month will be added to your monthly service plan fee.

Business and Residential

VoIP services are also divided into two types of service plan – business and residential. As the name implies, residential plans are great solutions for internet telephony at home; while business plans serve the same communication purpose for business establishments, but with more powerful features and higher cost. Most business service plans come with mobile features to help owners and employees work from remote locations.


This service structure won’t charge you a single cent. However, this is only available for PC-to-PC calls. The plan lets you call people who are using the same software. A good example for this is Skype. All you have to do is download and install the application, register a user name, and you can start calling anyone registered in the same service, provided that they are connected to the internet when you call.

VoIP is the solution for costly expenses of traditional telephone line. When you decide to subscribe to it, you’ll be required to choose a service plan according to your communication requirements. So, take time to define your needs and find out which voice over IP service mentioned above best suits you.