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A Guide to Choosing the Best AV Equipment Provider for Your Event

Event planners often wonder about whose event solutions they should be getting, but the first question they should be asking themselves is actually what value are they looking to get from their AV equipment rental company. While it’s tempting to choose partners who deliver audio visual services for the least amount of money, the key to truly get the real value is to look for providers who can bring thoughtful solutions and make strategic decisions with your given event budget. With that in mind, we rounded up some tips to help you choose the best AV equipment provider for your next event.

1. Opt for an Experienced AV Provider
Experience should be the first thing you consider when choosing an audio visual company. Seasoned event organizers event recommend finding and working with someone who has been in the industry for more than three years. Getting audio visual services from a provider with an established history and work experience will give you an assurance that they are capable of consistently and professionally meeting your AV equipment needs.

Apart from their number of years in the industry, feel free to also inquire about the number of employees they currently have, their annual revenue and a list of their recent clients or any possible testimonials. If possible, ask them to show you any documentation of their previous works so you will get an idea as to what types of AV or sound system services they will be able to provide for your event.

2. Choose a Company with Creativity
Affordability and reliability are useful metrics, but one of the most underestimated criteria is creativity. Other than experience, look for an AV and PA system rental company that can provide that extra ‘oomph’ to your event. They should be able to creatively utilize new technologies to craft magical and memorable experiences for your affair. This means being able to rent audio visual equipment in Singapore like digital cinema installations or projection mapping – creating multimedia projections onto 2D or 3D surfaces – to create unique audio visual experiences for your audience.

Be it in technology layout or through effective music and sound options, having an AV company that can contribute creatively to your project is what adds value to your event. So make sure that you hire a skilled and creative audio visual provider in Singapore to cater for your event’s AV needs.

3. Ask for a Work Portfolio
One of the best ways to assess an AV equipment rental company’s creativity and to get an idea of what they are really capable of doing is to ask to see the portfolio of the events that they covered in the past. A good and experienced provider should be able to provide you samples or invite you to an event that they are currently working with. This will allow you to figure out whether or not you are confident enough that they can successfully deliver your event.

4. Assess the Quality of AV Equipment
The quality of visuals and sound produced in your event is directly related to the equipment you are using, which is why you should always assess every sound system and equipment suggested or provided by your prospective provider. Pay close attention to how well it is maintained, as well as its capability to produce the effects that you need. This is especially important if you are planning to use cinematic-level sound effects or high-energy music for your event, since even the slightest discrepancy in performance will affect its impact.

Another thing to consider is your chosen AV provider’s knowledge and access on the industry trends and latest equipment available in the Singapore market. A company that has such knowledge and access will be able to give you a full suite of options to choose from for your event.

5. Check the Technical Services Being Offered
The technical services usually offered by an audio visual provider range from simple equipment maintenance to installation and implementation. One sign of a good technical service is when your AV provider involves you throughout the planning process. For particularly complex and involved events, your provider might even direct the entire event like how a movie director directs a scene. Some progressive AV companies in Singapore even provide a 3D rendering or a computer simulation of their client’s event so they will know what it will look like before being set up.

A good technical service is all about translating ideas into action, especially when finding practical approaches to use creative effects. If you prefer renting equipment, know that the technical services they offer should include the installation of your rented gear and ensuring that it works as advertised.

6. Consider the Affordability
Although quality is a big factor in choosing an AV and PA system rental company, the affordability of their services is also an element worth considering. Quality services do have its costs, but it shouldn’t be severe enough to greatly affect the budget for the entire event. A good audio visual company will work with you in devising an experience that fits both your financial reality and mental image of the event’s outcome.

Choosing the right audio visual company is the key to achieving a smooth-running event, regardless if you only organizing a small meeting or large conference. While it can be tricky and quite overwhelming to do, following these tips will surely help you find the AV provider capable of catering to the audio visual needs of your event.

10 Maintenance Mistakes Car Owners Should Avoid

Surely, your car is one of one of the most expensive items you own. (And using it is probably one of your biggest recurrent expense too.) Because of that, you’d definitely want to take care of it to help it extend its longevity.


Car maintenance can be intimidating and confusing for many people, and it could be pretty expensive if you hire a professional to do it for you. However, not doing proper maintenance can actually cost you a lot more in the long run and it will also shorten the lifespan of your car. To help you plan for your next visit to a car servicing company, here’s a list of the top maintenance mistakes car owners make and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Disregarding the ‘Check Engine’ Light

It’s tempting to ignore the Check Engine light. When the light comes on yet your vehicle seems to be working just fine, we often assume that nothing’s really wrong—until our car breaks down. Given the fast lifestyle in Singapore, it’s usually difficult to find time to bring our car to a mechanic. Even so, it’s best to have your car checked as soon as you can. The longer you delay, the longer and more expensive the repairs would be.

2. Delaying Oil Changes

Car engine technology in newer car models has upgraded over the years. Although these cars may not need an oil chance every 3,000 miles (previously the prescribed frequency for oil change), they still require regular oil change to operate properly. There are car maintenance services by Merlin Motors in Singapore to provide you with the best servicing. Even if you have a new model, make sure not to leave the same oil for more than 9,000 miles. Bad oil damages the engine, causing a massive breakdown that will cost you far more than what you’d pay for a simple oil change.

3. Skipping Fluid Checks

All car fluids play an important role in your car’s operation. However, most car owners only check the motor oil, not minding the other car fluids. However, the transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant should all be checked and maintained as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Routinely checking and changing your car fluids helps avoid leaks and keeps your car running in tip-top condition.

4. Failing to Check the Brakes

Changing the brake pads can be quite expensive, but if you leave it problematic for too long your brakes will eventually break down and separate away from the rotators, which would only cost more money for repairs. The moment you encounter that squeaky noise when you hit the brakes, make sure to bring your vehicle to a car repair shop and have them checked right away—many Singapore mechanics check them for free.

5. Not Checking the Tires

Checking your tires is not just for avoiding getting a flat—though that’s enough reason to check regularly—it is also for fuel economy. Under-inflated tires cause your car to use up more gas than it should. Check your tires every few months with a tire gauge, and ensure that they have the right amount of pressure according to the user’s manual. Another car problem that most car owners are guilty of is skipping tire maintenance jobs, such as regular tire rotation—something that makes car tires last longer.


6. Foregoing Scheduled Maintenance

Other than DIY fixes you can do at your own garage, your car needs regular maintenance from a car servicing shop. While you may have complete car tools, some things are better performed by professionals. Read up your car manual and heed its maintenance recommendations. Following these instructions gives your vehicle the best chance for maximum longevity without costly repairs in between.

7. Forgetting About the Windshield Wiper

Windshield wipers tear and chatter over time, and as a result, leave streaky marks behind. The solution is to replace your wipers as soon as you notice that they no longer clean the windshield completely. Rain and other precipitation can affect your ability to see the road clearly, so changing the wipers when they fail to perform their job well is important to ensure your safety when driving.

8. Not Replacing Old and Dirty Filters

Clean filters keep particles from contaminating your car’s fuel, engine, and air conditioning systems. Dirty air filters can cause internal issues in your vehicle ranging from causing poor gas mileage to wearing out car components. During your regular car servicing, have your filters checked and changed as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

9. Delaying Replacement of Old Parts

Every component of your car degrades over time. This means that although these parts still work, you should not be complacent and wait until something bad happens before you getting around to replacing those old air filters or windshield wipers. Bring your vehicle to a car repair shop and have the parts checked by a mechanic to see what needs to be replaced.

10. Not Knowing the Basics

Knowledge about basic motor maintenance can wiggle you out of a tight spot. Many problems are caused by simple things such as not knowing how to change a tire or correctly start a car. To save yourself a lot of hassle, study up on the basics of vehicle maintenance. But for more serious automotive problems, leave it to the experts.

Indeed, car maintenance gets in the way of our day-to-day life. However, keeping your vehicle well-maintained helps in ensuring that you won’t get stuck in the middle of the road and be late for something important. Keeping in mind these 10 common mistakes will help keep your car in its best condition for a much longer time.


5 Ways to Avoid Overspending During Holidays

This is the season to drink, eat, and be merry – but hopefully not working your way into debt. Sure, the holidays are fun, but all of the extra expenses can add up quickly and throw your budget off track. Since we don’t want to fall into this trap, a little planning goes a long way. Putting a bit of thought to your every expenditure can help you get through the festive season and start 2016 on the right foot, financially-wise.


  1. Cutback on Your Expenditures. While the holiday season can make you feel like it’s that time to excuse the crazy shopping expenditure, making some adjustments and saving a bit of extra cash can be your saviour in covering up extra holiday expenses. Whether it’s eliminating your usual morning coffee run, packing homemade lunch for workdays, or skipping out some dinner invites, cutting back on these small things will help cover up emergency expenses when they arise.


  1. Earn Extra Money. Budgeting and saving can only get you so far during the festive season. If you need extra cash to fully enjoy the holidays, look for ways on how you can earn extra money. You can do this by working as a part-time seasonal help in retail stores, but if you’re looking for a more flexible job, consider babysitting or accepting tutorial classes for a days. If you don’t have enough time to do another job, go through your stuff and see if you have items you no longer use that you can conveniently sell online.


  1. Create a List and Budget. Making a holiday shopping list won’t only help avoid the chances of forgetting to buy a gift for a special someone, it’ll also help keep your gift-giving expenditures in check. Decide on how much you’re going to spend for holiday shopping, and list down everything you have to buy, such as holiday outfits, gifts, and personal needs and wants. This way, you get to keep your to-buy list and budget at the top of your mind when you go shopping.


  1. Think About Thoughtful Giving. Spending too much money on a gift doesn’t really make it a good gift. It’s quite easy to get wrapped up on the idea that you need to spend a specific amount of money on a gift, but the old adage does hold true: It’s the thought that counts. Do take some time to think about what you each of your loved ones would really enjoy having. Trust us, the item may not cost that much, but they’ll appreciate it more than a present worth 10 times your gift’s price.


  1. Get Creative in Hosting Your Party. If you love entertaining during the holiday season but hate how much it costs to have people come over, then take advantage of your creativity in hosting your event. Invite your friends over for a cookie making party, or host a potluck dinner party where each family brings their favourite holiday dish. It’s cheaper, easier, and surely is more fun.

Holiday season should not mean maxed-out credit cards. Learn to budget and spend wisely. You will be surprised how fun your Christmas can be without having to cost you an arm and a leg.