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Controlling Calories during the Festive Season

Everyone is looking forward to the festive seasons because of food, presents and good company. Indeed this is the season to be jolly and full. But for people who are conscious of their body and calorie intake, the festive season remains to be a challenge. It is not easy to control your eating but do not let it spoil your spirit. You should still enjoy the festive season no matter what.


From Christmas to New Year, food is everywhere. It is hard to say no. The key is to practice and observe self control and self discipline. The good news is that you can still enjoy the food without thinking about your calorie or doubling your workout after the New Year. Here are some tips:


Everything should be take in moderation. You have to think that over-indulgence can make you lethargic. As a result, you will get lazy and ditch your exercise. Whenever you think about adding an extra drink or dessert, you have to think that you’ve worked hard to attain your ideal body. That thought will keep your feet on the ground. This is the ultimate test for your self control or self discipline.

Balanced eating

By balanced eating, it means proportioning your eating. For example, when you go out to eat, you can divide your meal. You can eat half of the meal there and bring the other half to your house. If there are plenty of foods, you should eat small portions at a time. No one is rushing you so eat it slowly and avoid piling food on your plate. Balanced eating is different from starving yourself or skipping a meal. Remember that.


Do not drink excessively

Apart from the foods, booze is present during the festive season. You do not want to be dubbed “kill joy”, right? You can drink but take it in moderation. For example, you can alternate alcoholic beverages with soft drinks. Keep in mind that drinking can put in a lot of calories. If you are thinking about your calorie intake, make sure that you consider low calorie drinks such as wine and champagne. Lastly, do not forget to eat before your drinking session.

For a change, you can have a healthy Christmas. The extra weight you gained over the festive season can affect your health especially if you have chronic conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Hopefully the things mentioned above can help people cope with their calorie issues. Happy holidays!



Food Advisory: The Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

Singaporeans are becoming conscious of their body. Most of the people suddenly want to live a healthy life. The good thing here in Singapore is that the government continually supports the initiative of its people. That is a good sign.


In this case, have you considered the health benefits of sweet potato? Here are some benefits that you want to know about sweet potato:

High in Vitamin B6

Sweet potatoes are notable for its high content of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps in reducing the Homocysteine. Homocystein causes degenerative diseases.

High in Vitamin C

Sweet potatoes are good sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C are very important because it strengthens the immune system. You will be protected from cold or flu viruses. It also helps brighten the skin.


High in Vitamin D

Sweet potatoes contain high levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important because it makes sure that our bones, skin, heart, teeth, nerves and other parts of the body are healthy.

High in Iron

Sweet potatoes are important because they contain high levels of Iron. You should know that Iron is crucial in the blood cell production. It also helps you resist stress and it promotes proper functioning of the immune system.

High in Magnesium

Sweet potatoes also contain high levels of Magnesium. Magnesium is also known as the “anti-stress mineral”.

Sweet potatoes may look simple and crude but it can do so much. You need to take it so you will be healthy and happy. More importantly, you have to entice your kids to eat sweet potatoes so they can benefit from it too.


BBQ Catering for A Party

Wedding planners and organizers can surely give a hand in all aspects of the wedding preparation including wedding catering. However, if you’re planning for a simple, intimate wedding, you can skip the service of a wedding planner and accomplish the process yourself as long as you have the time and energy to organize your own party. Here’s how:

Head Count
Have an accurate head count or a rough estimate of your Singapore guests. Most caterers follow their fixed buffet price per head even during special occasions. Telling the caterers the exact head count of your anticipated guests allows BBQ companies like CMY bbq catering in Singapore to give you a precise estimation of your Singapore buffet expenses. Make a list of the main dishes you want to have for your reception. It is important to draft a good list of entrees because most of your guests look forward to the food. Inform your caterer about your entrees months before the party to initiate a good negotiation with them.

Appetizers, Desserts, and Signature Drink
Aside from your favourite bbq catering entrees, include appetizers and desserts to your Singapore menu. Add fruits and vegetables in your set of choices to accommodate guests who love healthy foods. Also, don’t forget that a signature beverage is essential to having a good wedding menu. This can be a drink with or without alcohol.

Sit-down or Buffet
Think of how you would like the food to be served. Do you want a sit-down dinner for a table for 10 or a Singapore bbq buffet service? Typically, sit-down dinners are more costly than buffets. Clarify the price differences with your caterer so you can make wiser decisions.

The Contracts
Read carefully any contracts that you will have with the reception venue management as well as with your wedding caterer. Upon closing the deals, clarify whether there will be any surcharges that might be added to your total fee such as tablecloth rentals or restoration service. All agreements should be in black-and-white proof, final and irrevocable.

A good Singapore bbq catering menu is one that is well-planned and prepared in advance. There should be enough bbq food to satisfy all the guests but not too much that it becomes overwhelming. For smaller weddings, it is best if you start planning for your wedding catering at least 5 months before the big day.

Hawker’s Value for Money Dish

There is a hawker hunt here in Singapore. The hunt is all about finding hawkers that embody value for money and delectability. The hawker hunt is conducted by the government’s Retail Price Watch Group. Ultimately, the government only wants to monitor food prices and its increases by asking the people. The hunt has been here since February 2011. For the year 2013, the hawker hunt commenced on September 6 and ended on October 18. The group released the winners (in particular order)  to include:

Tian Tian


Tian Tian topped the list of many Singaporeans. The specialty of Tian Tian is chicken rice topping or commonly known as Hainanese chicken rice. This is Singapore’s national dish. This dish is delectable in its own right despite its simplicity.

Zam Zam


The next pick is Zam Zam restaurant. The restaurant specializes in chicken biryani. Chicken biryani comes with rice. Many people are fond of this because of its special spices, vegetables, egg and fish. The chicken can be fried or roasted.

Rahim Muslim


Rahim Muslim comes next. The food centre specializes in mi rebus. Mi Rebus is a noodle dish that is quite popular here in Singapore and its neighbouring countries. This is popular for its spicy and sweet gravy.

Xin Lu


Rahim Muslim is followed by Xin Lu. The food centre specializes in teochew fishball noodles. The tasty noodle soup garnered many fans too. The noodle soup is particularly healthy that is why many people consider this.

If you are a foodie, you will surely agree to the hawker hunt. There are other dishes that you must try.

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