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New Year, New Savings

How successful or unsuccessful have you been so far with your savings? Well, now it’s time to face the facts and be honest with ourselves if we haven’t been able to do much with our money. Just like every other resources, we are given only a portion and it is a hundred percent up to us what we are to do with the given amount entrusted unto us. Well, even though we did earn it, it still came from somewhere right? This leads us into the first thing we must realize. Do not think of money as something that you have earned, think of money as something that has been given to you. Why? Because this greatly affects your perspective on saving.

Now, it is only natural for us to take care of things that were given to us compared to the things that we think we deserve to have. A lot of people work, slave themselves, but do not end up saving any amount of money in the end because the moment that money goes into their pockets, they believe that they deserve to spend it. Now this is the second perspective we need to fix, we do not have to spend all the time! You don’t always need to treat yourself of buy something that is way beyond your budget for whatever reasons you think are necessary. Sometimes, we don’t even need to spend at all. Sometimes we spend on something that does not even do us any good. Why should you spend on something like that?

Last of all, why save money? Well, if you want to measure your riches, you have to measure them by how much you have and not how much you spend. Saving money gives YOU value. The money you splurge or the money you spend do not give you value, it is the money you keep that does. The money you keep if you keep on adding to it, becomes a huge amount and that amount would later on define you and your future. If you haven’t saved up in your twenty’s all the way to your fifty’s, how do you think you’d be able to afford a house? Compared to paying a huge sum monthly, wouldn’t you rather own a property without the stress of paying it off?

Give yourself value by controlling your spending. Not everything you need to spend on has to be expensive. Not everything is worth your money. There are so many practices and principles about saving money that will help you out in the future. Although there are a lot of sayings, let’s just simplify everything into this. If you respect your money, your money will respect you in return.