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Date Ideas for Homebodies  

It is not always that we like to go out for a date. Sometimes, we just need to stay at home, enjoy each other’s company and forget about looking our best. For couples out there who want to try date at home, there are plenty of ideas that we can consider.


For homebodies out there, here are some ideas worth trying:

  • Cook together: Cooking together is an ideal date. Cooking together is a good way to get to know each other more when it comes to food. It doesn’t have to taste superb but it is the thought that counts. Make sure that the ingredients are ready and that you have a recipe. If you do not know how to cook, there are plenty of instructional videos to consider. If your partner knows how to cook, just help prepare and it will do the trick.
  • Board game: If the two of you prefer to be nerdy if only at this time, board games are fun and perfect. When you were younger, you relish board games and it is time that you consider it. There’s scrabble to begin with. Board games can bring a competitive edge.
  • Video game: For the modern couples, video games can make a difference at the end of the day. Learning that your other half plays video games can be very assuring and fun. If there is a video console in the house, it is time to put it in good use. Just Dance for example is fun.


  • Play 20: If board and video games are not your thing, you can consider another game – ask me 20 questions. This game is kind of fun especially for new couples. You ask 20 questions and the other will try to answer it all. This is kind of surprising and exciting. Although you already know the person, there is always something that can surprise you.
  • Watch movies: If both of you like to watch movies, staying inside the house with your favorite shows can be fun. Think about Netflix, HBO or Star Movies. If you want, there are plenty of movies on DVD these days, you can also consider it.
  • Savour wine: Dinner will never be perfect without savoring wine. Men should never forget to bring wine whenever they come over. A lot of things can be discussed with a little spirit of wine.
  • Talk: Yes, you talk all the time but there are things that are better off said in front of the other. This is the perfect time that you discuss about your future plans say a vacation or another investment. Plunking on a couch and talk about things can give both parties a clearer vision of what life is to be with the other.

If things are getting kind of awkward, it is time that you decide to go out. Typically, Singaporeans date by going out for dinner and watching movie afterwards. This is fun and fine but at the end of the day, you just forget about it especially if there are no significant happenings. It is always good to look for something that can spice up the relationship.