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Things to Know About NRA

Have you ever wondered what NRA (National Risk Assessment) found out? This is your time be aware of the things around you. You should know that according to the initial NRA report particularly in TF (Terrorist Financing) and ML (Money Laundering), Singapore faces a threat of attracting illegal money because of the economy’s openness.


On October 21, 2013, the government launched NRA. This is a TF and ML audit that seeks to measure the threats of the said activities in DNFBPs (Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions) and other financial sectors. The NRA is in accordance with FATF (Financial Action Task Force). FATF expects countries to identify and evaluate TF and ML threats. It also asks the countries to keep their assessments up to date.

If you want to know more about the NRA and its findings, you should consider the following things:


Singapore is an international financial hub. The investors need to know that their investments are safe and they also need to know that Singapore can be trusted. Due to the commitment of the republic to its investors and the people around, there are actions undertaken to detect and put off illegal funds from entering and leaving the country. There have been on-going efforts and measures to detect and put off TF and ML. But this may not be enough since there are sectors that remain vulnerable.

Steering Committee

The government placed a Steering Committee to focus on TF and ML. The committee is comprised of HMA (Ministry of Home Affairs), MOF (Ministry of Finance) and MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). These agencies will engage important stakeholders to find the threats and discover ways to alleviate it.



According to NRA, from 2009-2011 there were seventy ML convictions. The convictions are in accordance with the Corruption Drug Trafficking & Other Serious Crimes Act. In 2011, there were seven convictions in accordance with the Moneylenders Act. The NRA report also noted that TF and ML arise specifically when debt settlement is made by utilizing illegal funds or pawning stolen goods.


FATF set out basic standards that countries can use to prevent and address TF and ML. Some of the recommendations include (1) setting out preventive measures to engage businesses, professions and financial institutions, (2) ensuring transparency with regards to ownership of persons (3) establishing capable authorities (4) arranging cooperation to other countries and many more.

It is good if you become aware of the things that are happening around you. You will say that you have nothing to do with that but you need to care because you may not feel its threat or effects directly but other people you know may be put in danger.

The Smart Fabric

The coolest and the best gadgets are at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibition. CES is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event transpired from January 7-10, 2014. If you witnessed this event, for sure you were amazed with the things that you saw from printers that can create sugary treats to curve televisions and talking fridge.


What else stood out? A French company introduced smart fabrics that are embedded with micro-sensors. This is the idea of Cityzen Sciences who joined the 2014 CES. The company calls this “smart sensing” material. Here are the features of the fabric or material:

  • Reads body heat

If you want to know your body heat, you do not need to look for a thermometer. You can conveniently track your body heat by wearing clothing made of “smart sensing” fabric or material.


  • Reads heart rate

If you are constantly tracking your heart rate because you have a condition, you can easily know your heart rate by wearing something made from “smart sensing” fabric or material. You do not need devices that are complicated.

  • Reads motion

If you are wearing something out of “smart sensing” fabric or material, it will read your motion. Whether you are lying or sitting, it will know. It will also know if you are unwell or weary.


  • Reads location

The smart fabric can also read your location. If you are lost, you will surely find your way home. If you like to go somewhere, you can be taught of the direction. Your clothing will tell you where you are.

The good thing about the fabric is that it can be shaped into different clothing like pants, gloves, shorts, skirts, etc. The next time you consider a fabric, just think of “smart sensing” and your life will be better.

For the Tech Savvy Senior Citizens

Who said that the technology is only for the young? Old people can also enjoy technology because, after all, it is for everybody. For senior citizens with particular interests in computers, they will be happy to know that the Government has started an IT helpline, which seeks to help seniors with computer related problems. Furthermore, the IT helpline can assist seniors when it comes to solving technical problems specifically in the hardware and software.


The Silver IT Care

This IT helpline is called The Silver IT Care. This program is carried out by RSVP (Organization for Silver Volunteers), C3A (Council for the Third Age) and Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority. The IT helpline will commence next month. What makes this unique is the call agents; call agents are trained senior volunteers.

Prioritizing the Elderly

Only the elderly can know and understand the difficulties of other elderly. We should give importance to our seniors because without them, Singapore will not be like this. Aside from the soon to be IT helpline, there are many benefits of senior citizens here in Singapore. The helpline will be open from 10am-4pm, Mondays to Fridays.



When we talk about senior citizens, it refers to Singaporeans and PRs (Permanent Residents) aged 60 years and above. For example, when you go to establishments, you are entitled to some discounts. There are others that will let you in for free. In the case of the ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum), seniors can enter for free. If seniors wan to catch a movie, they are discounted too. Not only that, seniors will also get discounts when they ride public transports.

Number of Unemployed are Rising in SG

Singapore’s labor market changes and becomes more complex, its labor resources then continue to moves up – a clear indication of unemployment rate grows faster than before. Unemployment is a condition wherein people living at a specific area were actively seeking for a job, some of whom tried to handpick jobs suited for them.


Rising Number of Unemployed

Singapore’s latest unemployment rate reached 2.1% in June 2013 date back in March 2013 it was 1.9% and 1.8% date back in December last year. The labor market landscape then became weaker given by the above figures. The second quarter of 2013 crawls down which turns to grim reality of labor market wherein most business sectors in Singapore layoffs employees, some industry players are in the midst of consolidating and restricting businesses.

Increased Job Opportunities

The Ministry of Manpower’s Labour Market confirmed that the government has generated about 28,900 jobs from January-March, eventually rises to 33, 700 from the period of April to June and about 31, 700 from last year. Singapore caters an aggregate count of 3,420,200 unemployed in June 2013, from a 4 per cent higher than in June 2012. Singapore’s unemployment status remained unchanged at 2.1% rate in the third quarter (July-September) this year from 2.1% in the second quarter.


Still Lower Than Average

Historically, though, as reported by the Ministry of Manpower covers Singapore unemployment rate averaged 2.51% from 1986. to date recently in 2013. Earlier in March of 1986, Singapore has reached its all time high of 6% unemployment rate which is undeniable throughout its history while in June of 1990; Singapore got a lowest mark of 1.40% unemployment rate. In fact, any individual who are actively seeking for a job belongs to unemployment percentage rate as shown above.

Matching Jobs with Skills

According to David Ang, associate director at Renumeation Data Specialists says expertise leads to find job easier. Mr. Ang recommended that if any unemployed individual finds a vacancy, they should take it quickly and just wait for better opportunities once they are already employed. Job matching is the key solution for unemployment problem.

3 Simple Tips for Cost-Effective House Painting Services

Many homeowners in Singapore employ the assistance of professional painting services for many reasons. Some people want to repaint their homes just to boost the appeal of the house, sport a new look, or prepare to sell the house. Whatever reason you may have, here are some cost-effective tips you can apply when you start your home painting project.


Repaint Regularly

Though this may sound counter-intuitive, keeping wall paints at its best condition will have lesser chances of maintenance issues. Many Singapore homeowners choose to delay home repainting, thinking that it will help them save more money. They don’t know that leaving the house’s damaged paints will incur more expenses from issues they don’t notice until it’s too late.

Cracked paints allow moisture in that causes mildew, mold, water damage, and dry rot. Instead of just paying for a can of paint, you may end up spending more for wall repairs. The most costly part of home painting is the professional labor fee. If your house has hidden damages due to delayed maintenance, you may have to shed more on Colour View affordable painting services from Singapore since more painting preparation is needed, like sanding, scraping, priming, caulking, as well as the damage repairs. If you just keep your home’s surfaces well-maintained, you can just ask your painting services crew to repaint the walls with once coat and you’re good to go.


Choose Only the Best

Though a cheap paint can save you a few dollars, it may require you to spend even more on the long run because of its non-lasting quality. The best qualities of paints will always outperform and outlast the cheap ones, and will give your home’s surfaces much better finish. Cheap paints may be made of “chalk,” which may develop a chalky texture when it dries, or may easily peel or chip off. Always remember that the purpose of house painting is not just to beautify but also to protect your home from rain, sun, and frequent changes of temperature.

Being cost-effective is not just about making the price as the only deciding factor, but being able to balance the cost and worth.  Make a checklist of the things to be done and look for a reputable painting services provider. Make sure that the painting services you choose performs all the tasks in your checklist without costing you additional charges.

Go For Wholesale


You would probably think to repaint one room at a time for easier budget management. But try to ask your Singapore painting services provider about the cost of a house painting project in volumes. Many painting services company in Singapore provide reasonable discounts for interior and exterior home repainting done together. Since they will only have to work in one site, contractors can save on gas, scheduling crew, and travel and set up time. They can then pass some of their savings to you.

Also, ask your painting services contractor for discounts if you can find more clients to schedule their repainting job, too; or try asking for a discount if you invite a neighbor to have their house painted at the same time as yours.

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