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The 5 Benefits of a Trademark Registration

Do you want to protect your brand from copycats and impostors? Here is why you should apply for a trademark registration in Singapore.


If you register trademark in Singapore, it will decrease the likelihood of other people claiming that you are using the same brand or logo. The trademark owner is recognized as the original and sole owner of the brand, forcing the other party to provide incontestable proof that they are the true owner. If another party has made a similar mark, whether intentional or not, they can be sued for infringement. It is your right to get compensation for any similar or confusingly similar mark, whether it was done through ignorance or not. Your registered mark will appear in journals that publish recognized trademarks so that the public can be alerted about its use.

Exclusive Use

Applying for a trademark registration means you are applying for intellectual property protection in a specific territory, so if you apply to register TM in Singapore, it means that the registered mark is only protected in Singapore. Legal exclusivity of use of the trademark is granted to you, which means you are able to guard business brand name from possible copycats and imitators. However, this protection is covered only nationwide. If you want to protect you brand overseas, you will need to apply for trademark registration at IPOS by designating another country. If you already registered your trademark in Singapore, however, it increases the chances of successfully applying for a registration in other territories.

Security and Property

A registered mark is an intangible property recognized by the law. A merchandise with a recognized and trusted logo attached to it guarantees that the customer is getting an authentic and quality product from the original company. Brand loyalty is not new among customers; that is why if you register trademark, you’re also investing on the image of your name. A registered mark can also be used to secure loans for your business and treated the same way as any immovable property.

Licensing and Assignment

As the sole and exclusive owner of the registered trademark, you get to enjoy all of its benefits. You also have the right to license other parties to use the trademark or transfer or assign it to a different owner along with your business. Only those you have signed an agreement with, however, can use the trademark in Singapore. The licenses granted to other parties will also allow you to enjoy other possible sources of revenue and to expand your business ventures.


The owner of the registered trademark can enjoy the damages and fees from infringement procedures, because they are recognized as the valid and sole owner. Filing a dispute is much easier even when the proof infringement is found on the Internet, because intellectual property rights also protect owner in digital platforms, not just physical evidence. This protection can be enjoyed for 10 years once you have received the certificate of registration and is renewable for another 10 years.

Selecting an IT Support for Your Business

Choosing an information technology support for your company can be a strenuous task. Your chosen support company can directly affect your business’ flexibility, productivity and even the business’ bottom line. Technologies such as mobile phones, laptops, emails and instant messengers play an essential role in communicating with your prospect clienteles. But what if your email malfunctions? Or you can’t collect some important data from clients because of internet connection problems? These are just some of the reasons why businesses need reliable IT support who can lessen the possibilities of such problems.


The IT Partner and the IT Vendor

The two may sound the same, but an IT company like from Singapore that agrees to be your IT support partner has real difference from an IT vendor that’s plainly marketing their services and applications to your company for the sake of their own profit. When calling an issue in an IT vendor, most likely you will get a response 5 hours later, expressing that they can’t come today because their staffs are currently working on a system problem in one of their major clients. To this vendor, your firm is just one of those small fishes in the sea.

To an IT support partner in Singapore, it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. They take time in analysing and understanding the nuts and bolts of your business. They know what’s best for your system and will suggest ways on how to efficiently use the equipment for the betterment of your company.

Signs of Dependable IT Support Company

When looking for a network and computer support company, be keen to some essential signs whether the potential partner is a perfect choice for your business. Ask these following questions to help you pick the right one.

IT Support Team

• Will I be given one person who will be my company’s primary IT specialist?

If the IT company says No, then there are bigger chances of chaotic consultations every time you consult for a computer or network issue. If there are multiple consultants assigned to your account, chances are your issues can slip easily to blame game – “I thought John will be the one to come over for the computer repair.”

• What if my company’s consultant is not available, what solutions can you offer?

Another important matter businesses in Singapore should know is the capability of the company to cope up with emergency situations. There are some network and computer issues that have to be solved immediately, and if the assigned IT consultant is not available, you have to know what their emergency measures are to ensure immediate solution of your company’s issues.

Use Your Instincts

First conversations with your potential partners will give you a glimpse of how they work. If your queries cause them to be uneasy, or they answer you as if they are hassled and hurried and, expect the same attitude when you choose them as your IT partner. An IT company who focuses on partnership will certainly have good results in achieving the company’s goals.