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How to Prevent Burns at Home


There is no better way to fight burns (all degrees) but to prevent it from occurring. There have been many burn cases here in Singapore but most cases can be prevented if the people around were more vigilant. This sounds easy but if you have kids around, things can be challenging. This is the reason why you have to know preventive measures you can put in place at home.

Here’s the list:

  1. Keep children out your workspace. While you are cooking or handling hot items, make sure that there are no children around. If your kinds are around, make sure to keep them out your workplace. Kids tend to be restless so there is a big possibility that they will encounter these hot objects. When you are cooking, make sure that the pot handles are facing toward the back of your stove. This is to prevent children from reaching it.


  1. Keep a fire extinguisher. Your house should be fire proof so the least thing that you can do is to put fire extinguisher. If you want more, you can install smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler system in case of fire. If you install smoke detectors, make sure to test it once a month. As for the fire extinguisher, you do not need to test it. Just check the label for the expiry.

  1. Lock it up. Kids are especially curious. They are attracted to everything that sparkles, flickers or lights. Knowing this, you have to lock everything that can ignite. For example, lighters, gas and matches. If you want to be sure, you have to store it where they cannot reach it.


  1. Check wires and outlets. Do not forget how exposed wires and outlets can pose burning risks. With this, you need to install outlet covers. This is to make sure that your children will not put anything in it. For exposed cords or wires, do not think twice – throw it already. Discard wires that are not in use.

You do not want anything to happen but it is important that you are ready for whatever that will come your way. Make sure your first aid is complete.

There are also particular jobs that put you at greater risk for burns. If you are in the workplace, make sure that you practice safety all the time. Do not ignore company policies on safety. Should there be fire, you have to be knowledgeable of your evacuation plan particularly the fire exit and the evacuation area. At the end of the day, burns can be prevented if you are keen on everything.