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For Tourists and Expats: How to Enjoy Singapore on the Cheap

Singapore is known as one of Asia’s most expensive cities to live in, especially when compared to her neighboring counterparts. Traveling there does require quite a bit of effort in saving up.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it while on a tight budget. Money issues shouldn’t stop you: everything all boils down to how you spend when you travel, and how much.

There are even many travelers who spend almost nothing in their adventures via hitchhiking and couch-surfing. If other people can travel this way, then you can, too. Here are some things that you need to know:

No need to splurge on where you’re staying in Singapore. Your best bet would be a hostel, with plenty are available that you can reserve online before you even book your flight. Some could charge even as low as S$20 nightly.

Alternatively, you could also couch-surf at a fellow tourist’s place, or even at a local’s. There are many sites that can connect you to locals that would be happy to offer you a place to stay. Not only does this help you save so much more, but it also gives you a local’s insight on living cheap.

Food and Other Delights
“Go where the locals go”. This is a saying that extends to not just good food and sightseeing, but almost everything. When it comes to food, try out hawker stalls or carts for a real taste of Singaporean local cuisine, and for far lower prices than eating out at the more expensive restaurants.

A good rule of thumb when in Singapore: line = good. If there’s a long line, chances are that stall or cart is selling good food.

When it comes to shopping at places like Lucky Plaza, don’t be afraid to haggle. However, as in all places, always remember to not drive too hard a bargain (always be a little flexible on the final offer), and watch out for scammers.

Getting Around
Forget cabs and city tour buses – the best way to experience Singapore is by foot. Surprisingly, most Singaporeans don’t own cars, often relying on the incredible transit system that is the envy of many countries all over the world.

To add to that, their streets are really friendly to walk in and you don’t have to worry about getting mugged when sightseeing after dark. Marveling at the architecture isn’t something that you can do just by going from point A to point B – it’s taking the time to plant your feet in the ground and let your eyes feast on gorgeous designs.

And remember to not just take a picture and split. Nothing beats actually talking to people and asking questions when it comes to getting to know a country and those that live there. After all, what makes a place but the people that live there

The Money Saving Tips for Singaporeans

Whether you like it or not, you will have to save money. It is the nature of all individuals except for those who don’t care with their money. While it is very important to save money for the present or future use, here are some guides to help your saving practice be more effective:


  • Rent Books – Instead of buying new books for your class, you can rent or perhaps buy old books from scholars who are at the level of class that is higher than yours. Besides, if you are in the higher level, you can also sell or make you books for rent so that you can have extra income.
  • Do not Purchase Items Immediately – If you purchase items without any plans of buying it, chances are you will come short in the next days. Why? This is because you have an unplanned selection or purchase of items that are not included in your budget.


  • Do not go to the Grocery when you are Hungry – Yes, the very reason why you should avoid going to grocery when you are hungry is that you will decide to buy more. You will buy all that you want to eat and when you’re sated, you will have a hard time to eat all the food that you bought.
  • Control your Food Consumption – Aside that it is not good for your body, having more that three eating session per day can also help you save money. By simply trimming down your food stocks, you will be more likely to deliver increased savings and better health.


Then and Now: The Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Do you have to go somewhere on June 28, 2014? If you have commitments, you should pursue it but you should know that there is a musical orchestra. If you do not need to go anywhere on June 28, 2014, you should seriously consider the SCO (Singapore Chinese Orchestra). This is the grandest event this 2014. You should not miss it.  


People who are fond of listening (and watching) orchestra will surely attend the SCO. SCO will perform a concert that will showcase Chinese orchestra. The performance will be one of the greatest in the history of Singapore because they will perform at the newly opened Sports Hub Stadium. Apart from the venue, the SCO performance will break the SBR (Singapore Book of Records) for the biggest Chinese orchestra.

The event’s theme is “Our People, Our Music 2014” or commonly referred “OPOM”. The aim of this event is to fortify the appreciation and awareness of Chinese music among Singaporeans. As of this time, the orchestra enticed more than 4000 participants. According to the website of the event, there are roughly 3000 of orchestra members and 1000 choir members who participated in the event.

Then: SCO performed ten years ago when we celebrated the 39th Independence Day. There were more than 2000 performers or participants who joined the performance. This event was held at Singapore Indoor Stadium. SCO attracts the attention of many because it reunites Chinese orchestras.


Now: Come June 28, 2014, the second installation of OPOM will take place. This time, it will be held at the Sports Hub Stadium. This will be a mega-concert. There are many orchestras here. The event will bring together musicians who will feature their music to other people.

You should look forward to the 2014 OPOM. If you want to invite your friends or families, you can do so. Do not worry because all are welcome to witness and hear the orchestra. All people anticipates the SCO because of the inauguration of the National Stadium. The stadium boasts of modern facilities that can hold large sporting and entertainment events.

What are you waiting for? You should get your tickets right away before it is too late. If you want, you can also check the website of OPOM. If you are not fond of Chinese orchestra, you should wait for other events happening in the newly built stadium. Apart from showcasing the musical prowess of participants, the event will also showcase the stadium.

IMG_4467 - Allure 2009

Common Repairs Done in Singapore Car Shops

Cars can never be repaired by yourself unless you’re a car mechanic or if the problem is just simple. In Singapore, if the problem is more complicated that will be the time you call an expert mechanic who can do the job for you. When the mechanic have seen a problem in your car, he will put it in his shop and take time to review what the defect of the car is. Basically, there are a lot of problems that occur in cars.


Below are the common car problems can be prevented through proper maintenance:

  • Oil Change: Oil change is very important for all cars. This is to improve and lengthen the car’s life and will be at its best condition.
  • Ignition System: The most common problems includes the battery, usually, batteries are being charged in shops. But once it has serious damages and cannot be repair, consider replacing it and prepare for an expensive cost.
  • Coolant System: The most common problem in cars is overheating. It is important to maintain a good condition on the radiator as well as the cooling system of the car.


  • Brake System: This is the most common problem car mechanics face every day. The brake system is the most important part of the car. Usually, brakes should be regularly checked and not taken for granted.
  • Transmission: This is one of the most difficult parts to repair and usually it is very expensive. If you have basic knowledge about repairing transmission, it’ll help you save money.
  • Electrical System: This includes the lights, stereos and other electrical devices. The common problem of the electrical system is the flashy headlights, flickering brake lights as well as car stereo repair.


Must-Know Legends of Singapore

The name Singapore was actually a myth. It came from the name Singapura which means the City of Lion. The island was founded by King Sang Nila Utama – the king of Sumatra, Indonesia – during the 1297A.D.


Another myths and legends include the following:

1.       Redhill and Tanjong Pagar

The story here is about vengeance and envy. There was one time a fisherman came to the sea to get some fish. Unluckily, he was being attacked by a swordfish. Because he wanted to catch more fish, he decided to go to the Sultan and beg for help. But he hasn’t received any help. Because the Sultan didn’t want to help the fisherman, he put a barrier in the sea to catch many fish. However, the Sultan was very angry about the fisherman so he planned to kill him. He killed the fisherman in the sea that is why the blood spilled to the sea making the hill red in color.

2.       Radin Mas

The island Radin Mas is an island that is named to a Javanese princess. She was Princess Radin Mas Ayu (sweet golden princess in Javanese).


3.       Merlion

This is one of the most popular legends in Singpaore. The story of the Merlion flooded in the island of Singapore making many people to know about it. Once upon a time, people are praying for the common good. Suddenly, the answers came instantly. The people saw a creature but it is subsiding in the sea.

4.       Badang and the Singapore Stone

This is a story of a fisherman named Badang. Badang is always reaching out to God to be the world’s strongest person and it was answered. After it was granted, he fought with a man from Indian named Bijaya and he threw a rock in the Singapore river.


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