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Breathing Clean Air

Sometimes things get so suffocating inside that we go out and take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath is a form of relaxation but how can you relax knowing that the quality of air you breathe is compromised? We are all aware that the air around us is polluted. If we don’t do something about it, our health is on the line. The government should campaign for a quality air to safeguard public health in general.


The good news is that Singapore still enjoys air quality which is superior to many cities in Asia, Europe and US.   Despite the industries present in Singapore, the country still managed to keep air pollution at a minimal level. The NEA (National Environment Agency) created the Advisory Committee on Ambient Air Quality. The committee was tasked to set targets of the quality of air for Singapore to protect the health of the community. To give you an idea of the air quality targets, here’s a look:

  • Sulphur Dioxide – A major pollutant in Singapore and around the world, SO2 mostly comes from large establishments like power stations and refineries. Vehicles, airports and constructions also contribute to S02 emissions. By 2020, air target of SO2 is 15µg/m3 annually.
  • Ozone – By 2020, Singapore ambient air target of Ozone is 100mg/m3 (8-hour mean).
  • Nitrogen Dioxide – By 2020, the target of Nitrogen Dioxide is 15µg/m3 annually.
  • Carbon Monoxide – By 2020, the ambient air target of Carbon Monoxide is 100mg/m3 (8-hour mean).

Aside from air quality targets, NEA will be requiring industries to source emission tests. For motorized vehicles, the NEA will monitor the kind fuel to be used. Companies and locals should follow the NEA’s guidelines for the good of all.

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