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BBQ Catering for A Party

Wedding planners and organizers can surely give a hand in all aspects of the wedding preparation including wedding catering. However, if you’re planning for a simple, intimate wedding, you can skip the service of a wedding planner and accomplish the process yourself as long as you have the time and energy to organize your own party. Here’s how:

Head Count
Have an accurate head count or a rough estimate of your Singapore guests. Most caterers follow their fixed buffet price per head even during special occasions. Telling the caterers the exact head count of your anticipated guests allows BBQ companies like CMY bbq catering in Singapore to give you a precise estimation of your Singapore buffet expenses. Make a list of the main dishes you want to have for your reception. It is important to draft a good list of entrees because most of your guests look forward to the food. Inform your caterer about your entrees months before the party to initiate a good negotiation with them.

Appetizers, Desserts, and Signature Drink
Aside from your favourite bbq catering entrees, include appetizers and desserts to your Singapore menu. Add fruits and vegetables in your set of choices to accommodate guests who love healthy foods. Also, don’t forget that a signature beverage is essential to having a good wedding menu. This can be a drink with or without alcohol.

Sit-down or Buffet
Think of how you would like the food to be served. Do you want a sit-down dinner for a table for 10 or a Singapore bbq buffet service? Typically, sit-down dinners are more costly than buffets. Clarify the price differences with your caterer so you can make wiser decisions.

The Contracts
Read carefully any contracts that you will have with the reception venue management as well as with your wedding caterer. Upon closing the deals, clarify whether there will be any surcharges that might be added to your total fee such as tablecloth rentals or restoration service. All agreements should be in black-and-white proof, final and irrevocable.

A good Singapore bbq catering menu is one that is well-planned and prepared in advance. There should be enough bbq food to satisfy all the guests but not too much that it becomes overwhelming. For smaller weddings, it is best if you start planning for your wedding catering at least 5 months before the big day.

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