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A Worth Applauding Garden in the City

Since the country is known for its modern facilities and unique places and landmarks, nobody can hide the epic panorama in the city. Aside form the glowing beaches, attractive plants and flowers are present in this famous country. Singapore is known as a “Fine City”. Fine with different meanings: Large amount of penalties and exquisite views. Indeed! The country has fine scenery. However, these cannot be maintain without high penalties imposed.


Because of the extraordinary care of people to their country, many things that are created by Mother Nature are preserved. One of this is the vibrant Singapore Botanic Garden. This has been recognized by TripAdvisor (an Internet Traveller’s Site) as the Travellers’ Choice Spot of 2013.

Pond with water lillies, Singapore Botanical Gardens. Singapore

If you want leave the noisy and the busy metro, touring to the botanic garden is the perfect place. The Garden houses more that 60,000 orchids as well as plants. It has been known having largest orchid collection in the planet. In addition, plants and orchids are not the only view here because there is also a Heritage Museum that shows different exhibits related to plants.

Also, another garden that you can find inside the garden is the Jacob Ballas Children’s garden. This was the first children’s garden in Asia that is usually for children — discover and learn about the importance of plants in our daily life. You can also find here one of the Heritage trees in the world that exists over 150 years in this planet.


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