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A Guide to Choosing the Best AV Equipment Provider for Your Event

Event planners often wonder about whose event solutions they should be getting, but the first question they should be asking themselves is actually what value are they looking to get from their AV equipment rental company. While it’s tempting to choose partners who deliver audio visual services for the least amount of money, the key to truly get the real value is to look for providers who can bring thoughtful solutions and make strategic decisions with your given event budget. With that in mind, we rounded up some tips to help you choose the best AV equipment provider for your next event.

1. Opt for an Experienced AV Provider
Experience should be the first thing you consider when choosing an audio visual company. Seasoned event organizers event recommend finding and working with someone who has been in the industry for more than three years. Getting audio visual services from a provider with an established history and work experience will give you an assurance that they are capable of consistently and professionally meeting your AV equipment needs.

Apart from their number of years in the industry, feel free to also inquire about the number of employees they currently have, their annual revenue and a list of their recent clients or any possible testimonials. If possible, ask them to show you any documentation of their previous works so you will get an idea as to what types of AV or sound system services they will be able to provide for your event.

2. Choose a Company with Creativity
Affordability and reliability are useful metrics, but one of the most underestimated criteria is creativity. Other than experience, look for an AV and PA system rental company that can provide that extra ‘oomph’ to your event. They should be able to creatively utilize new technologies to craft magical and memorable experiences for your affair. This means being able to rent audio visual equipment in Singapore like digital cinema installations or projection mapping – creating multimedia projections onto 2D or 3D surfaces – to create unique audio visual experiences for your audience.

Be it in technology layout or through effective music and sound options, having an AV company that can contribute creatively to your project is what adds value to your event. So make sure that you hire a skilled and creative audio visual provider in Singapore to cater for your event’s AV needs.

3. Ask for a Work Portfolio
One of the best ways to assess an AV equipment rental company’s creativity and to get an idea of what they are really capable of doing is to ask to see the portfolio of the events that they covered in the past. A good and experienced provider should be able to provide you samples or invite you to an event that they are currently working with. This will allow you to figure out whether or not you are confident enough that they can successfully deliver your event.

4. Assess the Quality of AV Equipment
The quality of visuals and sound produced in your event is directly related to the equipment you are using, which is why you should always assess every sound system and equipment suggested or provided by your prospective provider. Pay close attention to how well it is maintained, as well as its capability to produce the effects that you need. This is especially important if you are planning to use cinematic-level sound effects or high-energy music for your event, since even the slightest discrepancy in performance will affect its impact.

Another thing to consider is your chosen AV provider’s knowledge and access on the industry trends and latest equipment available in the Singapore market. A company that has such knowledge and access will be able to give you a full suite of options to choose from for your event.

5. Check the Technical Services Being Offered
The technical services usually offered by an audio visual provider range from simple equipment maintenance to installation and implementation. One sign of a good technical service is when your AV provider involves you throughout the planning process. For particularly complex and involved events, your provider might even direct the entire event like how a movie director directs a scene. Some progressive AV companies in Singapore even provide a 3D rendering or a computer simulation of their client’s event so they will know what it will look like before being set up.

A good technical service is all about translating ideas into action, especially when finding practical approaches to use creative effects. If you prefer renting equipment, know that the technical services they offer should include the installation of your rented gear and ensuring that it works as advertised.

6. Consider the Affordability
Although quality is a big factor in choosing an AV and PA system rental company, the affordability of their services is also an element worth considering. Quality services do have its costs, but it shouldn’t be severe enough to greatly affect the budget for the entire event. A good audio visual company will work with you in devising an experience that fits both your financial reality and mental image of the event’s outcome.

Choosing the right audio visual company is the key to achieving a smooth-running event, regardless if you only organizing a small meeting or large conference. While it can be tricky and quite overwhelming to do, following these tips will surely help you find the AV provider capable of catering to the audio visual needs of your event.

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