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6 Tips to Eat Healthy Even on a Budget

There’s no known magic formula when it comes to eating healthy on a tight budget. Just like in anything else, all it takes to make it possible is creativity, a little planning and good old-fashioned work. Plus, with these cost-cutting tips, you’ll see that it’s not that difficult to opt for healthier foods even with a tight budget.


  1. Shop Local. Buying straight from the organic farmer in your neighbourhood is a good way to cut some cost. The same thing goes if you buy directly from wholesalers. If you’re quite unsure about the location of the local farmers in your area, just visit to track them down.
  1. Buy in Season. Purchasing fruits and vegetables that are out of season will always cost you more, as these selections carry the added cost of energy and transportation. So next time you go shopping for fruits and vegetables, make sure that you buy them in-season. If you’re used to adding blueberries in your morning oats, buy them in bulk during their peak season and freeze them.
  1. Consume More Plant-Based Foods. Wild-caught fish and grass-fed beef may be delicious, but they don’t come cheap. So stretch your food dollar by loading more on filling and cruciferous greens, as well as good fats like avocado and high-fibre carbs like legumes and quinoa.


  1. Opt for Frozen Goods. Although eating fresh fruits and vegetables is preferred by most of us, going with frozen produce is not half bad. They’re actually a good deal and are as healthy as the fresh stuff. In fact, these goods are frozen at the peak of their ripeness, providing you with all the nutrients on just a fraction of the cost.
  1. Go Big on the Flavour. Want to make a delicious dinner without adding calories and cost? Then incorporate seasonings, spices and seasoned vinegars in your cooking repertoire. With these ingredients, cooking flavourful meals without costing too much will already be possible for you.
  1. Buy in Bulks During Sale Time. If you have enough storage space in your place, then it would be a great idea to stock up on healthy produce during sale time. Nuts, for instance, are put on sale as the holiday season approaches so consider stocking up this excellent source of protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acid. Stocking up on perishable items are also good as they can still be frozen for later.

Eating healthy on a tight budget may take some effort, but when you consider the rewards of getting better health and saving money, you’ll find that it’s really worth your time and effort. Just be smart with your food choices and cost-cutting tricks.



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