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6 Golden Tips for Whiter Teeth

Before you head t your dentist for an expensive teeth whitening procedure, try doing these simple and natural whitening strategies. In many cases, a healthier lifestyle is all you need to keep your teeth healthy and pearly white.

  1. Adjust your diet

If you are drinking black coffee, wine and black tea or smoking cigarettes pretty regularly, then expect your teeth to appear not so pearly. Other culprits of stained teeth are gravy, colas and dark juices. We’re not saying to totally avoid these drinks, since many of them also provide great health benefits. Just make sure to brush your teeth right after consuming such beverages.

  • Replace your toothbrush every two months

If not, you are just transferring bacteria into your mouth. According to dentists, the best way to brush your teeth is to place the toothbrush at 45-degree angle against the gums and gently move it in circular motion. Hold the handle of your toothbrush like how you would hold a pencil o you won’t put too much pressure while scrubbing your teeth.

  • Use a tongue scraper to remove plaque and odor

One common cause of bad breath is build-up of bacteria on the tongue, which is why scraping your tongue daily will help get rid of the odor A scraper is more effective at removing food residue than a toothbrush, too.

  • Include some ‘detergent’ foods to your diet

Apples are great ‘detergent’ food for the teeth, so as celery, carrot and even popcorn. For better results, make these foods the last food you much on in a meal if you cannot brush your teeth after eating.

  • Keep your mouth fresh

Check your breath by licking a small portion of your palm and smelling it while it’s still wet. Gross, but it can save you from the embarrassment of bad breath. If it seems to stink, it’s time to grab some sugar-free breath freshener. Looking for an ideal mouthwash? Get one that’s alcohol-free. Mouthwashes that contain too much alcohol can easily dry out your mouth, making it more prone to bad-breath-causing bacteria.

  • Brush your teeth in the morning and at night

This is the most crucial practice for healthier and whiter teeth.  Our saliva, which keeps the plaque off our teeth, dries up at night. Therefore, it is best to have the plaques cleaned off the teeth before you snooze off the rest of the night. Similarly, it’s important to brush your teeth first thing in the morning to remove plaque and bacteria that have built up while you were asleep.

Taking care of your teeth isn’t just about for good hygiene. Your teeth helps you talk and chew, and can even make or break your self-confidence. So, keep your pearly white in their tiptop condition.

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