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5 Ways to Relieve Stress


We all experience stress one time or another. As we go through the hustle and bustle in a busy city like Singapore, we incur problems, we get frustrated with work, get tired of people or we simply get stressed on the things that just doesn’t go our way whenever we expect and need them to. For sure there are many ways on how we individually cope up with stress but here are some vital and effective ways on how to really relieve stress:

  1. Find your Center and Calm Yourself. There are just some things we can’t control in life but we can always manage our reactions towards it. In times of stressful situations, try to relax. Find your center and calm yourself. You can’t solve your problems if you get angry or force yourself to think of ways when you know your head is about to blow up. Try to meditate and give yourself the “breathe in, breathe out” mantra every time you feel like you can’t handle things anymore. It will help clear your mind and release your stress for sure.


  1. Exercise. You can run, take a walk or even do some fat-burning exercises like boxing to cope of with stress. These work all the time and notably these have been studied and verified to not only keep our bodies healthy but also our minds. Release your endorphins in order to feel happier and thus discharging stress out of our system.


  1. Sleep it out. Sleep is relaxing. If you think you can no longer handle the problems around you, sleep it out. Close your eyes, relax your mind, have a good nap or a good night sleep. By the time you wake up, your mind is cleared and you can think way better than staying awake for too long just to solve your difficulties.

  1. Cry your heart out. It’s always healthy to cry and just let things go. This is not a sign of weakness rather it just shows that we are all human and that we need to release the tension and stress flowing coarsely through our hearts. Just cry and accept things as it should be.


  1. Eat some Good Food. Treat yourself. You can binge in eating your favorite comfort foods or you can resort into eating healthy like vegetables and fruits. It feels good whenever we get to eat what we want because we can forget about the things that bother us momentarily. At least after eating, your tummy and mind is full so you can have more energy to consume in relieving your stress and in thinking for ways on how to solve your problems.

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