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5 Great Desk Ideas to Install for Your Cozy Space at Home

Even though you do your work at your office, that doesn’t mean you won’t be needing a place to work at home, whether it’s scanning emails, paying bills, or simply just surfing the internet or reading books.

And while you don’t have enough room for an office, you definitely have enough room for at least a small desk that you can squeeze into your home in a clever way.

Here are seven great small desk ideas for your equally small HDB flat in Singapore:

1. The Floating Window Desk

Get the most out of your natural light by turning your windowsill into a functional workspace with enough room below for you to essentially store whatever you think you’ll need in an emergency.

Having a wall-mounted desk not just simple to install, but also a great space-saver that will go perfectly with any look or theme you want to achieve for your home.

2. The DIY Desk Riser

If you’re a fan of standing desks and a flair for DIY projects, you can turn a thick wooden board and pipe into a standing desk by using pipe cutter, epoxy, and a Philips head screwdriver.

The best part about a DIY project is that you can use the materials of your choice to make the design that you want in a way where you have absolute control over the process.

3. The Re-purposed Coffee Table

Do you happen to have a small coffee or side table lying around that no one uses anymore but can’t seem to throw away?

If the answer to this is “yes”, and you just happen to be in need of a table to work from, then you’re in luck. Put that small table to good use instead and make it your tiny new workstation.

4. The Closet Desk

The biggest issue concerning desks is how they can easily take up space with their various compartments. To answer that, you can incorporate drawer and table into one design by turning an otherwise ordinary closet into a viable workstation.

You can even modify a wall-mounted shelf to have a specific compartment with just the right size for a working desk.

5. The Retracting Desk

If you’re really concerned about making the most out of your space, you can choose to forgo the table entirely and simply have the board bolted to your wall, along with a hinge that lets you lower and raise it as needed.

Aside from just having a retractable desk, you can also utilize the bottom of the board as décor or as a functional board for Post-it notes.

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

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