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4 Ways to Dry Your Nail Polish Rapidly

To have pristinely manicured nails is perhaps one of every woman’s goal when it comes to beauty and grooming. The only peeve many of us have when it comes to manicure is the time we spend waiting for the nail polish to completely dry.

Help Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

When we get impatient after a few minutes of waiting and blowing on our nails, there is a tendency that the manicure will be ruined once we touch it.

For gals on the go, fret not because there are a number of options you can do to dry your nail polish quicker than just blowing on them and flailing your hands. Here are some convenient and relatively easy ways for quick drying nail polish.

1. Keep it thin. When applying your nail polish coating, opt for several thin coats for it to dry quicker. Before applying the next thin coating, allow the first coating to dry for 3 minutes before applying the next one. This way the waiting period in drying the polish is shorter compared to applying thick coatings.

2.Ice it. The second method is affordable and convenient but not totally comfortable. First fill a bowl with cold water, enough for your five fingers to be submerged in the water. Also add a few cubes of ice to retain the coldness. As soon as you finish painting your nails, dip your hand in the cold water and keep it there for 3 minutes.nail polish-1343

3.Blow it away. Your hair dryer can double as a manicure drying device. Keep it in the cool or the low heat setting in order to dry your nails fast. Don’t blast the nail polish in the strongest setting to avoid messing up the manicure.

4.Get the spray. Who knows that a great nail polish dryer is just sitting in your own kitchen? Use a cooking spray to dry your manicure. The oil present in cooking spray is also good to condition the cuticles. Get the regular cooking spray and avoid the flavored ones.


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