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4 Tricks to Deal with Nothing-To-Wear Mornings

Some girls own more clothes than they know they should, yet still takes 45 minutes for them to get completely dressed up. Sounds familiar? Worry not! You’re not alone in this dilemma. So for the days when all your ‘good’ pieces are in the laundry, do use the following tips to overcome the plight of picking the right clothing pieces when you just have ‘nothing to wear’.


  1. Plan Ahead. Want to trim down your prep time in the morning, and still look pretty decent? Plan your ensemble the night before. While you’re at it, throw in a necklace or a belt, and place all the pieces on a hanger. Doing this will buy you some time the next morning to improve your outfit or think of a more interesting makeup and hairdo to go with your look.


  1. Organize Your Wardrobe. If you don’t have the luxury of time to try on different outfits the night before, then keep your closet organized by stacking your hero pieces on one side of the closet and all the basics on the other. While this setup requires effort on your part, this will actually help you accomplish two things: you get to find a hero piece to wear for your outfit the next day and get to do a quick inventory of your wardrobe.


  1. Shop Outfits Instead of Separates. Do yourself a favour and save yourself from the morning stress by buying a whole outfit instead of individual pieces. You can take cues from campaign ads, Lookbook photos, and even from mannequins in department stores to shop for a head-to-toe outfit. This way you don’t only have a complete outfit ready for the next day, you also got several new pieces to mix and match with your existing collection.


  1. Clean Out Your Closet. We support you in your dream of having a walk-in closet someday, but until then, we suggest that you continue editing the clothes you own. Recycle or donate outdated pieces or pieces that no longer suit you or your lifestyle. Also, throw out those that you’ve only worn once, because chances are you’ll never wear them again.

Dealing with nothing-to-wear mornings is a serious dilemma, especially for working girls. Don’t be late for work or school again by making sure you have your outfit pre-planned and loading your closet with relevant and practical fashion pieces.


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