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4 Exercise Tips for a Healthier Pregnancy  

Staying active during your pregnancy is important to keep your body fit and to ensure a healthy pregnancy as well. However, being physically active when you’re pregnant has a lot of considerations. So, to ensure that you safely exercise during the stages of your pregnancy, jot down these four important tips.


  1. Practice Safety

Since you’re pregnant, practice extra caution when it comes to performing exercise routines. Make it a habit to constantly monitor your physical condition to ensure your own safety, as well as your child. Also, consider getting into low-impact activities, such as walking, stationary cycling, and swimming, as these activities have little to no risk of injury, and can even be continued even after you give birth.

  1. Workout For 30 Minutes Each Day

Unless you’re diagnosed with a pregnancy complication, perform at least 30 minutes of moderate exercises each day. If you have a medical problem like diabetes, asthma or heart disease, then might as well avoid any form of exercise. The same goes for women who have experienced pregnancy-related conditions in the past, such as low placenta, premature births, or recurrent miscarriage.


  1. Opt for Low-Impact Exercises

One of the ideal aerobic exercises to practice during your pregnancy is cycling. Although this activity is only advised to be done on a stationary bike to avoid injuring yourself and your baby. Swimming is another great activity for pregnant women as it helps in strengthening the shoulders and abdominal muscles, which are vital areas when carrying a baby.

Practicing some yoga poses might also come in handy, since it can help in preparing your mind and body for labour and childbirth. However, avoid performing poses that put much pressure in the abdomen area during the last stages of your pregnancy.

  1. Stay Hydrated

With an increased risk of dehydration during exercise for pregnant women, health experts recommends drinking more than eight glasses of water each day, especially when the weather gets too hot. Staying hydrated will help you avoid possibilities of experiencing problems during your pregnancy stage.

Although physical exercise is essential during your pregnancy, remember to always consult your health care provider before performing any exercise program. This way, you’ll stay fit and have a healthy pregnancy.


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