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10 Unusual Ways to Cool Down Your Body

During hot weather, we always find some place to cool it down. As expected, there are so many ways to do it. One common way to combat the heat is going to the beach and plunge your bodies to the cold waters of the sea. Nevertheless, aside from going to the beach, there are other ways to cool down.


1.       Consuming Some Protein

Foods that is high in protein produces metabolic heat. This can be obtained by eating nuts, eggs, seafood, peas, poultry and meat. Now, it is impossible it avoid all those foods, right? If you have consumed some of the mentioned foods, you have to put your wrists beneath a cold water just for five seconds more often because the vein that is located in the wrist is the primary passage of blood. Thus, whenever, you eat foods that are high in protein during summer, know your limits.

2.       Eating Spicy Foods


It is true that we sweat once we eat spiced goods. The truth here is that, when a person sweats, his outer body part will be heated up. However, on the inner part of the body, the temperature cools down because the sweat that comes out is the heat that is generated by the body.

3.       Taking a Lukewarm Bath

A cold bath before bedtime is alluring. You need to cool down because of the tedious work for the whole day. Taking a bath with warm water is recommended if you want to lessen the hot feeling compared to using cold water.


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